To help patients searching for relevant, real information join a community where they are 100% supported. 


To become the premier social site for patients across the world to connect with each other. 


We believe in simplicity, honesty, and shared connection. We are all dealing with something - why not support each other?

Created as a Way to Simplify the Search for Health Information

First thought up in 2017, On the Mend is the result of days spent trying to sort through the mess of health forums and WebMD after suffering a traumatic shoulder injury. After realizing any information available was sloppy, messy, and full of unanswered questions, founder Corey Ambrose decided there had to be a better way to get real information about health issues. 


Our Story

On The Mend LLC is a unique website aimed at creating a social media platform for medical patients. There are social media outlets for nearly every topic you can think of: pictures, business, calorie counting, parties, video games, dating, etc. However, there are few effective social media sites specifically built for those going through the difficulties of health issues.

In a recent study by Martini et al (2017), researchers in New York found that social media can improve communication between patients and providers as well as other patients. They suggested that it serves as a way to be active players in their health in order to stay better informed and more involved in treatment.

"In an era where everyone turns to social media to interact and connect with others, I see this is an opportunity to extend these connections into the medical world. Giving patients a voice and allowing them to advocate for their own health through patient-to-patient and patient-to-provider interaction in a safe and friendly environment is the goal."

-Corey, Founder

Become Part of a Community

Patients supporting patients. A way for us all to search, share, and connect.

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