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Dog Poop Service Sacramento Area

Pooper Scooper Service for dog owners takes care of the never-ending chore. If you have a dog, our service is perfect for you. We clean up dog poop so you don't have to. Our goal is to remove pet waste and make sure your yard is free of dog poop, so that you, your pets and family can enjoy a safe, sanitary environment. Our Sacramento California dog waste removal service makes having a dog that much more enjoyable with one less thing to worry about.

We also make the cleaning process very simple. Your Doo Doo Squad will service your home whether you are home or not and get the job done. You are also welcome to leave your dog in the yard during our visits. Our technicians are highly experienced with dogs and of course, we love them very much so they will be in good hands. We always assume a dog is in the yard upon entering and leaving, so don’t worry, those gates will always be closed. Even if you have a sneaky little rascal we are always prepared to keep them safe and secure in the yard.

Homes, Apartments, HOA's, Dog Parks

We service many property managements in Sacramento with dog waste removal service and help with rentals, apartments, HOA’s and Dog Parks. This is a great service to help maintain a property, keep your tenants happy and attract new ones. If interested in services, just contact us for a custom quote.

Emergency Service

Have a last minute party, BBQ, lawn dart or bocce ball event? If you need that lawn scooped or deodorized and neutralized with our non-toxic environmentally safe spray, we always try to help. Give us a call for a one-time dog poop removal service. Warning: You might just like it and want us to keep coming back week after week.

Other Animal Pet Waste Removal

We get asked all the time by Sacramento, California pet owners if we will pick up waste after horses, pigs, cats and even off carpet in homes. We are the Doo Doo Squad at 916-Dog-Poop so we only remove dog waste from yards and do not enter homes. We love all animals and helping out clients, so if we see a few here and there from that pesky neighborhood cat or wild turkey in your yard, we will do our best to scoop it while we scoop up after your dog.

Doo Doo Squad offers the most reliable service in the area. We always show up and get the job done!

We have been proudly voted best of the best numerous times for multiple cities in greater Sacramento.

How to Hire a Pooper Scooper

When hiring a pooper scooper and or any service its very important to always check reviews on the independent review sites and do background checks. All Doo Doo Squad service technicians are full time with full background checks, drive company branded vehicles that say 916-DOG-POOP making them easily identifiable. We require them to maintain a good driving record and are all uniformed. Plus we are fully licensed and insured including workman's comp for our staff.

Hiring a company with independent contractors, not having proper insurance, and not doing background checks could be problematic if you allow them on your property and something goes wrong. We provide peace of mind for anyone retaining our service.

About the Owner

Todd Miller, the owner of Doo Doo Squad, has a 9-year background in sales with most of that as a  territory manager for Nabisco, supplying the national and local chains all the cookies and crackers we all love, especially those Oreo cookies.

His success led him to be recruited by a marketing agency and he excelled at his continued growing profession for another 12+ years as a marketing consultant with over 800 businesses in the greater Sacramento area, multiple non profits, national accounts and additionally advising directly to the Cities of Sacramento, Woodland, Elk Grove and Rio Linda on many marketing projects.

He’s a local family man with two children and brings his passion for exemplary service to our customers with a no questions asked money-back guarantee. Doo Doo Squad is the largest dog poop pick up company in the greater Sacramento area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Services

What are your schedules like?

Scooping hours are sun up to sun down Monday through Friday. We are not able to schedule times as we have to fit you into an automated route on your service day(s) that are constantly growing so times will vary.

Can I leave my dogs in the yard?

It is ok to leave your dogs in the yard and you don’t have to be home for service. We are very cautious when entering and leaving a yard to make sure your dogs don’t get out. Each technician services hundreds of yards weekly so after doing it for so long its a habit to keep
 the gates secure since our focus is only on dogs. We do ask that if you don’t have a good latch to please install one and maintain it, especially on windy days. We don’t want your dog to get out because of a bad gate/latch. We are able to handle the majority of aggressive dogs because we have custom made tools in both hands to keep them 4 feet away at a safe distance so they and our technicians stay safe .

Most of the time dogs back off and leave our guys to work and if some start biting at our tools and won’t leave our staff alone they can safely back out of the yard using the tools to keep everyone at a safe distance. If this happens we will notify you right away to help find a solution.

Is your staff good with dogs?

With the thousands of dogs we are around monthly our staff members are highly trained to handle your dogs, and most are not a problem unless they are trained attack dogs - then we will ask you keep them away during service.

How much do you clean up?

As long as we have access to the yard we will get things cleaned up. We are only able to scoop what we can see. So if the yard has weeds, high grass, leaves and or debris we can only scoop what we can easily access.

Yards need to be maintained to receive the best service. We cannot guarantee all the waste will be cleaned up in bark and or rocks or dirt as its like camouflage and or yards that are overgrown and not maintained with a yard service on a regular basis. If you have leaves, once the leaves are cleaned up we will easily be able to clean up the waste during fall. With regular service, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up dog poop again.

How It Works

How do you get into the yard?

We enter the yard using our bucket and scraper to block the gate from any dog that may be waiting to escape as we enter and then secure the gate behind us. We walk the backyard in a lawn mower pattern and check the whole yard including the sides, patio etc. We then double-check our work and make our way to the gate securing it while exiting.

How do I know my gate will be locked after you leave?

Our policy for gates is a triple check push system. We shake the gate three times let it settle and push just to make sure it's secure. We then tie up the waste and dispose of it properly.

How often do you spray?

If you signed up for spray we typically spray the first full week of every month. Some yards need more than monthly spray and we can spray every service so please don’t hesitate to let our customer service reps and or your technician know if you want to upgrade.

What if you miss a spot for cleanup?

We are only human so if you notice some areas we may be missing just let us know so we can correct things right away. We offer 100% satisfaction so if you're not happy let us know and we will make things right and correct them moving forward.

How does payment work?

Once you are a customer everything is automated from payments to service so we never miss a day. The advantages of Doo Doo Squad being your first choice scoopers is we are the largest pooper scooper in greater Sacramento and we are fully staffed so the owners can come out and cover routes if needed so you can rest assured you’ll be taken care of and service won’t be interrupted and or days being changed last minute.

Is your team local?

We are professionally owned and operated locally in the greater Sacramento area with our main headquarters out of Roseville. We have several locations we work out of in Elk Grove, West Sacramento, Natomas, Carmichael, Roseville, Citrus Heights and more. We have the staff and support you need to always provide the best service possible.

Clean - Deodorize - Neutralize

Many Sacramento dog owners don’t realize that dog waste is actually considered a harmful pollutant containing millions of bacteria, organisms, and parasites that not only infect our pets and people but has a major impact on our Sacramento waterways, oceans, and the wildlife in them. Rainwater washes dog waste into our waterways, affecting drinking water, swimming pools, streams, rivers, and oceans, which has an impact on wildlife. Dog waste isn’t something you should ever use as fertilizer to help your plants grow as it can be harmful to the health of you and your family and needs to be removed. Doo Doo Squad helps many Sacramento pet owners with this task to help maintain a healthier environment for your home and the surrounding environment by removing these contaminants on a regular basis.

This is why we don’t just scoop yards; we spray them with our environmentally-friendly, nontoxic, natural enzyme solution. This helps break down those itty-bitty pieces of fecal matter and also helps with urine odor. If done on a regular basis you can expect to have a healthier yard and environment for you and your family.

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