• Call for papers

  • Interactive floor plan

  • Lead retrieval for exhibitors

  • Accreditations

  • Housing

  • Integration

  • BEO

Exhibitor Portal

When used in conjunction with the Interactive Floor plan, this module gives complete control to the exhibiting partner contact by giving them full administrative power regarding the number of exhibitors registering, as specified in the Policies and Procedures guide supplied by CLIENT EVENT team. To begin the registration process, the contact is assigned a user name and password to gain access to the site. Once on the site, the exhibitor contact has the ability to purchase a booth or edit their existing booth selection, print their invoice or receipt, upload their company logo, make a payment, register booth staff, and much more. Integrated financial processing and automatic email confirmations are included as part of this high tech package. Links to download important information such as decorator services can also be included ensuring your exhibitors have everything they need at their fingertips automating many of the time consuming administrative tasks, therefore, reducing the strain on your busy schedule.

Lead Retrieval

Event Ready’s lead management division will manage the entire lead retrieval process directly with the exhibitors. Event Ready will manage exhibitor lead capture orders, training and set-up. Event Ready can provide your exhibitor manager with our lead retrieval order forms that can be included in your exhibitor services kit. Event Ready can even follow up with emails or phone calls to the exhibiting partners to help facilitate their lead retrieval needs. Exhibitors can purchase lead retrieval directly through Event Ready giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your conference.

Housing Module

This module is integrated into the registration process, allowing attendees to register for your event and book their hotel all in one process. This system is designed to allow event planners to manage their hotel blocks direct with the attendees. Administrators will be able to create custom housing blocks based on attendee type, min nights, required room share, and available hotels. Administrators will be able to drive the hotel selection process for specific attendee types, based on their business rules. Administrators have control over the hotel inventory and have 24/7 access to inventory reports. The system will generate new reservation lists and change reports that can be sent directly to the hotel to ensure your attendee’s reservations needs are handled efficiently and accurately. This module delivers confirmation email communications that can include confirmation numbers, making it easy for admins to distribute hotel confirmation details.

BEO Module

This comprehensive module provides planners the tools to build the entire show's agenda, by day, room, task, or function. Planners can build each agenda item then assign all logistics to that room, including a/v, room set-up, meals, staff assignments, duties, etc. The system creates printable BEO’s/function sheets & agendas for each agenda item. The system incorporates Room Conflict Management to simplify the process of assigning Agenda Items to a room by displaying only rooms available for that date and time.

Accreditation Module

This module allows attendees to register for workshops/education that offers them CEU or CME credits. Meeting Planners build online evaluations and create/upload custom certificates then take advantage of our system’s built-in Email Tools to distribute a customized email to their attendees that include a link to complete the evaluation online. Optionally attendees can access their registration portal at a later date to complete any available evaluations, after completing a certificate is available to view and print at their convenience. The system also provides a Transcript for the attendee to access in their registration portal plus reporting provides the ability to track and report accreditation at the session-level.

Mobile Show Application

Integrated Mobile show app, that allows you to engage your attendees months before the show, advise them of schedule & speaker updates, send alerts and reminder to attendees and exhibitors, allow attendees to review the conference agenda, option to display the exhibit hall floorplan to view exhibitors and even offers your attendees the convenience to download exhibitor handouts directly on their mobile device.

Interactive Floorplan & Planner

Event Ready’s dynamic exhibit hall floor plan system manages booth availability and provides an online interface for your Exhibitors to purchase available booth space all within a map of the show floor. After selecting a booth, exhibitors are asked to secure their choice with a credit card. Optionally the Meeting Planner can be notified as each booth request is submitted for review. Once the Meeting Planner approves the request, the Exhibitor’s credit card is then charged and the exhibitor receives a notification of their purchase status. Our Interactive Floorplan gives the Meeting Planner the tools to change the design of the floor if needed, by moving, combining or renumbering booths as needed.

Exhibit Wall

Includes a dynamic web-based system designed to not only increase traffic across your exhibit hall. The Exhibit Wall gives attendees and exhibitors valuable up-to-date information allowing exhibitors to input full company information such as a description, categories, and demographic information. Attendees can search the exhibitor database by category, company name, or keyword. In addition, attendees can view the available company information and add it to their personal itinerary and plot the chosen exhibitors of the floor plan for the attendee to print. The Planner will be integrated into the CLIENT existing website with a seamless link. CLIENT will have the ability through the administration page to download exhibitors' database to their publishing company to be used for the Show Guide.

Call for Papers/Speaker Management

This module simplifies the administrative process by streamlining the submission & review procedures. Administrators are able to customize the submission form to collect the information they require to ensure a successful review process. Administrators can download or view submissions online for a review then approve or reject them directly in the system. Different levels of reviewer access are available and reviewers can be assigned to specific submission tracks. Reviewers login and perform a blind review scoring process, based on your custom review score sheet allowing the administrators and reviewers to easily track each submission and score. The system will automatically submit a customized approval or rejection email to the submitter. Our Call For Papers module includes an unlimited number of Administrator & Reviewer accounts and Includes downloadable reporting that interacts with the live database in real time.

  • Submitters can upload their bio including pictures/images, list their a/v needs, co-presenter information, submission description, track/category, and much more. We offer submitters a secure online portal to check the status of submitted presentations, update their open submissions, upload handouts, provide a/v needs, view FAQ info, etc.
  • When used in conjunction with the Registration Module Administrators can activate each accepted submission, optionally assign to a room based on date & time and the submission will automatically be upgraded to a Session in registration for attendees to add to select and add to their itinerary. Reporting is provided so administrators ensure they do not double book a speaker into the same room or assign two different sessions to the same room.

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