(Virtual Sessions VOD and Live)


Virtual conferencing will save money on facilities, travel, food and beverage, security, decorators, audio/visual equipment, and all axillary costs. Event Ready is positioned to be your virtual partner year to year and you NEVER have to go look for anything you need. We pride ourselves in customer service, flexibility, and great software since 1992.

Session Design

Let Event Ready’s i-plan Prime Virtual Sessions VOD bring the conference to your attendees. Our solution integrates our conference registration software with session presentations, make this a one-stop shop for your virtual event.

Web Development

By utilizing our system, attendees will be able to complete event registration, and select and access event sessions.


All iplan functions are also available on mobile devices!


Maintain security to ensure that only registered event attendees can access and view session presentations.

Quantifiable Results

Don't lose out on having your event. Let Event Ready's virtual options continue to power you into the next level of event options.


Virtual Sessions VOD Features give Attendees the ability to:

  • Select sessions during the registration process
  • Pay for conference-related expenses, including session fees, as a part of the registration process
  • Access their registration information 24/7 to view Itinerary, print Receipt/Invoice, update Contact Information, etc.
  • View Session Videos with pertinent Session information (i.e., Speaker Name, Session Description, Speaker Bio, etc.)
  • Access, Download, and Print Session Handouts
  • Participate in Q&A with Speaker during scheduled Session Time (scheduled with speakers ahead of time)

Virtual Sessions VOD Features give Admin or Speaker the ability to:

  • Upload/Add/Edit Sessions
  • Upload Session Videos
  • Upload Speaker Handouts for Sessions
  • Control attendance inventory for Session sign-ups
  • Send emails to Session attendees
  • Access Reporting with timestamp of Attendee viewing for each Session
  • Exhibitor option available

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