Zion Bar And Restaurant Section

Discover the Zion Bar and Restaurant showcasing an elegant mix of modern and traditional styles. A delicious menu guaranteed to satisfy your taste awaits you! A wonderful selection of British and European Cuisine specially made with care. Choose from several options of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free palates. Our food is based on using seasonal, fresh, locally obtained produce to make a scrumptious meal in harmony with carefully crafted drinks, served just for you!


Monday - Friday, 7am - 12p
Saturday & Sunday 8am - 12 pm


Monday - Sunday, 12pm - 6pm

Afternoon Tea

Monday - Sunday, 2pm - 5pm


Monday - Sunday, 6pm - 10:45pm

Garden Section

Immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of our Garden while treating yourself to some wonderful treats and taste-filling snacks. Enjoy precious time with family or friends as we dedicate our services to fill your time with us in a fabulous manner. ” There is no need for hurry in life–least of all when we are eating”–Edward Everett Hale.

Lounge Section

A warm welcome to the lounge where you can spend some quality time to satisfy those who prefer to indulge in lighter gourmet fare. Make some honey-sweet memories while embracing incredible menu and stellar drinks.

Terrace Section

At Larkfield Priory Hotel we pride ourselves on the treasured lush terrace setting, a natural aesthetic featuring the view of the seasons passing by. How poetic it is in description does no justice to the pleasant surprise of experiencing it oneself.

Contact Our Team

for more details on 01732 846858 or
Email us at reservations@larkfieldpriory.co.uk

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