I left the corporate world, followed my curious and creative instincts, traveled the globe and educated myself learning from the best trainers, coaches and leaders, while building the business of my dreams. A decade later I support ambitious female entrepreneurs to get branded with results. 


If you want to help people, they need to know you exist.

I love to support ambitious purpose driven female entrepreneurs to uplevel their Personal Brand and go from “overlooked to overbooked”


Why am I for you?

BECAUSE you are eager to find out how you can communicate and control your brand image in an unique way so that you are still authentically You.

BECAUSE you want to gain more credibility, command more authority and therefore positively impact the way people perceive you.

BECAUSE you want to gain more confidence, while eliminating those limiting beliefs that keep holding you back.

BECAUSE you are ready for more deals, dates, clients, capital & opportunities, and you are excited to attract more of what you want in your life and business.

BECAUSE you want to know how to purposefully use your clothes as a business tool to increase likability, so you can shine on all stages.

BECAUSE you know it´s time to be highly visible, so you can make a global impact and enjoy life to the fullest.

And me? That´s exactly what I do!

You found me because either your brand or your life is missing a kick-ass compass to move forward with. And often it’s both. I’ll help you (re)design your Personal Brand, your ideal life or both in sync.

The good thing is: You are NOT meant to do this alone. Because simply put, you can’t. Well you could, but you started down this road because you wanted to LOVE the journey, right?

is a Personal Brand Strategist from Dusseldorf, Germany. Born in Germany, raised in Tenerife, Canary Islands, studying in France and the US has molded Alexandra into a person of distinct contrasts, with dynamism and impact.

She is the founder of "Branded by Results“. Her mission is to facilitate freedom, fulfillment and success for business professionals in the areas of personal and professional business and image transformation. Her coaching and branding approach is a holistic process that embraces the "whole person" inside and out, including mindset, business, leadership, image, style and etiquette.

For the last 9 years Alexandra has been working with hundreds of business professionals around the world to redesign their brand to become authorities in their niches. She created her own methodology to transform her clients into brands that are authentic, relevant, magnetic, unique and unforgettable.

Alexandra teaches the importance of branding in 3 languages and positions herself as an authority using different stages to either talk in front of thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe about the importance of Personal Branding, or interviewing celebrities and successful entrepreneurs about these topics.


She is part of the Blair Singer Training Academy, who´s mission is „to improve the quality of life for everyone by creating the best Leader/Teachers (put TM over Teachers as ist a trademark) in the world that help entrepreneurs succeed“

Alexandra is an Ambassador & speaker for the XING Puls Marketing events in Dusseldorf.

Empowering purpose driven female entrepreneurs to look and feel their best, while enhancing their Personal Brand and in turn boosting their confidence, power, productivity and profit, makes her heart sing, and it´s her life purpose.

Wanna know more about me?

Here are 10 random fun facts:

  • I grew up on Tenerife (Canary Islands). When I came back to Germany after 17 years to study economics, I had to learn how to ride a subway, as there was only one highway on the island and busses.
  • I did not drink any wine or alcohol before the age of 24. I simply didn´t like it. (unbelievable, right?). Today I love my glass of wine in the company of good friends or to relax before I go to bed.
  • As a kid I loved to climb on trees. I even pulled up an old mattress to a huge tree in our garden, so I could spend hours reading there and even stayed once overnight.
  • I started horse riding when I was 10 years old. With 13 I participated in competitions called "sortija“, where you had to pull down a ring with a stick while galloping as fast as you can. I won every game even being the only woman (kid) in between all those spanish cowboys.
  • I insisted to pull together my outfits since I was 2 years old. I always stood out as I loved to mix and match colors, patterns and fabrics. Many of those wild “combinations“ I was wearing through the years and high school were considered as a little crazy back then. Today it´s fashion and the new normal on the runway.
  • I have a serious addiction to lipstick. Name it "50 shades of pink“. And shoes. I stopped counting after 150.
  • I love to sing in my car while I am driving. Can´t do it in the shower, as my neighbors would go crazy. But in the car I just can scream and shout and let it all out. It is so releasing. And it makes me super happy.
  • My nickname is Sandy. My parents, my brother and my old friends still call me that way. I decided to use my real name, when I started my business.
  • I love travel & photography. In 2007 my dream was to photograph wild leopards and cheetahs (my favorite animals) in Namibia. I was looking for someone to come with me for weeks, but when nobody was interested, I decided to go on my own. Just me, a ranger and the untouched wilderness. It was an eye opening, unforgettable experience.

The seven biggest mistakes NOT to do when building your brand.

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