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Find real information on illnesses and health issues that is shared person to person. Join a community of survivors dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of health issues. 

Real People, Sharing Real Health Experiences

On The Mend is a new platform that allows patients to post and share their personal experiences with health issues & recovery. We empower you to find down-to-earth information that could help you in your life, shared by real people who have been exactly where you are.

Create a MyHealth Profile

It's simple (and free) to join

Connect Health Stories

Add health experiences to your profile.

Share Personal Experiences

Help other patients know what to expect.

Stop wading through endless forum questions

Simplify The Info Search

Our community is a simple, searchable way to connect with patients who have health experiences just like yours. No more spending hours reading through unanswered forum questions. We make it easy to find the health information you need, shared by people just like you.

  • Searchable health categories
  • Personal experiences with surgery, illness, & more
  • Protocol-driven data about illnessess
  • Real Perspectives

    Info about health issues from people who have actually experienced them. 

  • Real Patients

    On the Mend is a central platform for all types of patients to connect.


Make More Informed Decisions About Your Health

  • Organized & Searchable

    Instead of endless searches, use one site to search for specifics. 

  • Free to Join

    It's free to create a My HealthProfile, so you can connect with patients like you. 

Become Part of a Community

Patients supporting patients. A way for us all to search, share, and connect.

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